Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Update on Miss Maddie

I received the following update, and wanted to pass it along to all of you...

Just a quick update on Maddie....Now that she is off all of the antibiotics, she is doing really well (she had a bad reaction to being on them for SO long but is doing great now).
She is scheduled for surgery on Sept. 20th at the Cleveland Clinic. This surgery will be done laparoscopically through her belly button. We expect this surgery to be a piece of cake compared to what she has been through.
They will keep her over night. And it will take a full 6 weeks for her body to totally heal but she should be feeling well way before that. She won't be able to horseback ride or carry anything heavier than a phone book for several weeks - but all in all they expect it to be an easy recovery.
There will be another update after her surgery. And Kimber thanked us all for praying!
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