Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Secret Is Out!

Okay, so you really want to know the big secret??? Really??? From the comments left on the previous post, and even an e-mail or two, I know this was a mean trick. I was just so excited...I had to say something.

The big news is: my husband got a new job! He has been hoping and praying that he could find something different for quite some time. He has been working at OfficeMax for about 4 1/2 years now, both in Michigan and Ohio. He was really growing weary of the retail world. He is taking some online classes to get certified to teach in a Catholic high school. However, there are no job openings at this time. He wanted to be done at OfficeMax before the Christmas shopping season. He kept looking online for jobs, but nothing really "worked" for him.

Well, God sure opened this one! Starting today, Keith is the new business administrator at our parish office. He is still working at OfficeMax, due to it being "back to school" season. That will end soon, though, and he'll be full-time at the church. What a wonderful, unexpected blessing! Thanks be to God!

While I'm on the subject of my husband...

I love that man so much. He has really sacrificed a lot to follow God's direction. He gave up a pastorate he loved, and a community he loved. He kept following and sacrificing, working jobs he absolutely detested, just to support us. I won't go into every detail of each situation. Suffice to say, he has given up so much, just to know that he was where God wanted him. I know a lot of men get a bad rap for walking out on their families, not supporting them, treating their wives in unspeakable ways, etc. But this wonderful man is a shining example of what it means to "love his wife (and kids!) as Christ loves the Church."

Thank you, my dearest Keith, for always being true to the leading of the Lord. Thank you for loving your family so very much. I am so happy you have this new job!
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