Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Memories

My Easter weekend was quite interesting, to say the least. There were a variety of events at church, as well as situations friends were experiencing. The weekend had some extreme highs and lows.
There was the Easter vigil service, in which many were baptized, confirmed, and received into the Church. I cried tears of joy!
There was the prayer request for a young baby. Her mother discovered a growth on the child's leg. The doctors have diagnosed it as cancer.
There was the excitement of Sunday morning, and the elation of celebrating the resurrection of the Lord.
There was the devastating news that a friend's grandson committed suicide. A young man with a bright future...
There was the delight in seeing a friend's 4-day-old baby girl, born just before Easter. A tiny little rosebud; a reflection of God's glory. A reminder that there is always life after death...
I am so thankful for the empty tomb. There are so many struggles and trials in this life that would simply be unbearable if I did not have the assurance that He is risen.
Thanks be to God.
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