Thursday, July 05, 2007

Update on Maddie

I received the following update from Kimber today. Please continue to keep Maddie, Kimber, and their entire family in your prayers.

As many of you may know Maddie is on her third hospital now and has been sick for 12 days. She is now at the Cleveland Clinic. Yesterday, we were seeing some signs of improvement, she was even out of bed and a little bit "perky" a couple of times. BUT today she has been in pain and just sleeping much of the day away (hard to see her still in such pain). And big big thing, she is NOT eating.

She does not have pain in her stomach anymore (yea) - but the drain tube site got infected with Dermitius and is very painful and she is super sore from the tube itself.

Here is our prayer requests. Please pray that she will EAT more and that her appetite returns. They have put nutrition in her IV but if she doesn't eat more by Thursday then they will but in a feeding tube. We are praying that doesn't HAVE to happen. Please pray that she stops having fevers and that infection completely drains the rest of the way out - it has drained a lot - but there is still some in there.

Please pray that the pain subsides so she can stop taking Morphine, we had gotten her off it for a day or two but then the pain got severe again because of the drain tube situation and she had to have some this morning - which effects her appetite. Please pray that the drain tube gets taken out tonight or tomorrow morning - as that is another thing that needs to happen for her to be able to come home from the Clinic. Please pray that her body will heal, she will still have to have surgery to have the appendix taken out - and we are praying that she will come home, heal and then have the surgery some weeks from now.

Thanks again for your love, prayers and support - it is carrying us through this time.

With Love,
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