Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Journey's Twists and Turns...and Loops

Yesterday was definitely a "roller coaster" day in the journey. One of my sisters was scheduled to have a "simple" in-office procedure, to take care of a cyst. Instead, the doctor sent her on to a hospital. Following further incidents and an exam, it was decided she needed to have surgery. The doctor saw a "mass" in her uterus. She had to have an emergency hysterectomy. Thankfully, the "mass" turned out to be, not cancer, but ovaries that were swollen to the size of tennis balls. And thankfully, this was all taken care of by a very skilled surgeon.

So...emotionally, we were on the "she's just having this simple procedure" wavelength. (The beginning approach....) Then there was the "oh, so it's a little more complicated so she needs to go to the hospital". (Going up the first hill...) Then came the "please, God, don't let it be cancer" loop. (A doozy!) Finally, the "whew! Thank you, God, that she is going to be okay". (Back into the station...)

I live in Ohio, and my sisters live in Kansas and Colorado. But we are close. Whenever one of us goes through something, I wish I was a wealthy woman who could just hop on a plane and head west. Thankfully, God is bigger than time and space. I'm so thankful He was there to keep her safe, wrap her in His arms, and give her more TLC than I ever could!

I'm done with that roller coaster, though. Is there a nice, quiet bench where I can sit and just observe the rides?
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