Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spiritual Sacrifices

"Anonymous" asked what "spiritual sacrifices" (from I Peter 2:5) meant. I've been pondering it off and on all weekend, and through Monday. I can't say I have it nailed down. However, here are some thoughts.

Paul talked about us being living sacrifices in Romans 12:1. So that's one part of it, I guess. Offering ourselves to God.

The other thoughts that come to mind are offering our praise, thanksgiving, desires...things that are not "tangible" (like the sacrificial lambs of Old Testament times)...but nonetheless real, and necessary to be offered up to Christ.

The following quote is from the Orthodox Study Bible. I thought it was good, so I'd like to include it in my response.

"In the true temple, one sacrifice is offered, the unrepeatable sacrifice of Christ. But in Him, in baptism, we also are sacrificed, "a living sacrifice" (Rom. 12:1) acceptable to God. Our whole life is to be lived in this baptism as an offering to Christ [of] our life. This is the spiritual offering of the Church in the Eucharist, the offering by which she lives." (p. 553)

In other words, when we were baptised, our "selves" were sacrificed, and we were raised into new life in Christ. Every time we offer the sacrifice of the Eucharist in Holy Communion, we are offering ourselves to Him once again.

I hope this makes sense. These are my own feeble attempts at an answer!

Maybe Patrick or someone can help me a little here? (Where's that Fish Campmore guy when you need him?) :o)
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