Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nice to Meet You, Mr. President!

President Bush visited Greensburg yesterday. He got to see the devastation firsthand. I wish the news media had taken more time to focus on his visit there...but, alas, they didn't. If you happened to see any clips on TV, you might have seen my dad! He was standing right behind the president. Actually, Dad got to meet the president, too. Someone asked if President Bush would like to meet a Kansas farmer. My dad happened to be standing he was the farmer that got to meet the president!

They talked about farm issues, etc. But the neatest thing happened after that. President Bush asked if there was anything else Dad would like to talk to him about. Dad began sharing with him about how important it is to be ready for the Lord's return. He said the president was moved to tears. I don't know the exact words of President Bush's response, but the gist was this: Keep telling people that message! Wow.

On another note, yours truly was interviewed by Cleveland's Channel 3 news yesterday, and got a short spot on the 11 o'clock news. That was surreal! They wanted to have the "local" look at the story in Greensburg. I thought they did a great job. The reporter, Chris Tye, was super nice. His photographer/camera man, Barry, was a Kansas native, too! Anyway, my main objective for agreeing to the interview: to make sure people know it's not just a story. These are real people who are trying to rebuild their town and their lives.

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