Friday, May 11, 2007

More Greensburg Notes

While perusing the Internet today, I went to Greensburg's website. There was a plea for financial assistance. This information was pulled from the site:

Tornado Disaster Assistance Needed
Greensburg needs your help with reconstruction.
Please send your donations to:
Greensburg Reconstruction Fund
%Greensburg State Bank
P. O. Box 787
Greensburg, Kansas 67054
Every dollar you donate will go to rebuilding our city

The pictures below are what is left of the post office. The post master of Greensburg is a member of the church my parents attend. The gentleman in the foreground of the first picture is the postal inspector for that area.

I was told that if you follow this link, and click on the video link there, you will be able to see the interview I did with WKYC Channel 3 news here in Cleveland. WKYC Interview
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