Monday, May 14, 2007

Life After the Tornado

This picture says more about the people of Greensburg than any words of my own. Yesterday, a community church service was held. The tent they erected wasn't large enough to seat everyone who showed up. One news source estimated there were close to 3,000 people at the service. This is in a town whose population before the tornado was around 1,600. People from Greensburg and the surrounding communities came. Former residents, in town to help with the clean up, came. Family members, friends... Each pastor in town had a chance to share some words of encouragement or a song. I saw my parents' pastor on ABC News. She was preaching words of hope. Mom said one minister sang, "It Is Well With My Soul." On the news, I heard them singing, "Holy Ground." This is what the people of Greensburg are made of. Strong, courageous, loving people who know how to "pick themselves up by their bootstraps" and go on, even after the entire town was demolished by one of the worst tornadoes in history. People who stand on their faith when all their worldly possessions are in heaps of rubble all around them. People who know God will see them through, no matter what. I'm so proud to say I grew up in that community!

In the Kiowa County History Book, there was this picture that, even as a child, I always loved to gaze on. It was a picture of clouds over Greensburg during a Kansas storm. (I don't remember the year it was taken.) In the picture, there was clearly the form of an angel overlooking the town. Some would say God stepped back for a moment on May 4th. I disagree. I still believe He had His eye on that town...still has a plan for its future, too.

Stand strong, my friends. God isn't finished with you yet!

The Wichita Eagle has a neat series of pictures from yesterday's service. (church service)
There is a great article about "Greensburg Before the Tornado"

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