Sunday, May 06, 2007

God Is Faithful

I have been in "daze mode" the past 36 hours or so. The devastation of Greensburg is unfathomable. As I have been reminded, it is the lives that are important. Yes, this is true. And the fact that they had 20 minutes from the time the siren sounded until the tornado hit...well, that is the main reason so few people were killed.

I have heard stories of heroics. I have heard incredible stories of what the storm left and what it took. Ohio feels really far from Kansas, when I just want to be there helping in some way.

How do you rebuild an entire town? I don't know. All I know is, they need prayer and they need help. The Red Cross has a link on their website called "Safe and Well" where survivors can report and where you can search for those who you are wondering about. I know the Salvation Army is helping, too.

To the blogger from Australia, thanks for sending the pictures. I won't be looking at them today, though. I've seen enough pictures for the past couple of days. I need a breather.

Keep Praying...

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