Saturday, January 09, 2010

Another year passed...

On Monday, I will again have one of those frosted marvels with fire hazards on top (aka, birthday cake). :o)

It's hard to believe another year has gone much seems to just fly right by me. My kids are growing up so quickly. A few more months, and "Harry" will be in high school! And my "baby" will be heading into 6th grade. The past year has been full of wonderful things: trips to see family and friends, new babies added to the family, etc. But there have been the very sad times, too: the loss of loved ones (or helping friends through the loss of their loved ones), medical diagnoses that friends/family received, and the list goes on.

Through it all, though, the one thing that shines through most brightly is God's abiding presence. I am so thankful that He is always faithful. I couldn't rejoice as greatly without Him. I couldn't make it through the tough times without Him. Thank You, Lord, for Your great love to me!

For those who have continued to pray for Fr. Joe, I wanted to give you an update, too. He is greatly improved, and planning to be back "full time" sometime in February or early March. A wonderful bit of news is that we now have an assisting priest on a full-time basis. Fr. Mike came to our parish just last week. For that we are truly thankful!

And in the words of Fr. Mike, I would like to encourage you all to make this your New Year's resolution: Let Jesus show!

God bless...
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