Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I just read this story on Yahoo! News. As you probably already know, abortionist George Tiller was murdered about 1 1/2 weeks ago. As usual, the pro abortion camp has made this a political issue, lashing out against pro-lifers as "extremists."

The group Operation Rescue has discussed buying the building Tiller used as his clinic. In response, the Tiller family's attorney said: " 'I'm just not going to respond to every irreverent publicity stunt or comment by these extremists,' said...Dan Monnat."

Buying a building is a publicity stunt? What???

The response from Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue: " 'We would love to see that place established as a center for life, one that nurtures and cares for babies, rather than taking their lives,' Newman said of Tiller's former clinic." Sounds more like reclaiming a territory for God to me! (Brings to mind the book of Joshua!)

Dr. Tiller (and I used the title with some trepidation, as doctors are sworn to protect and preserve life, not take it) was definitely an extreme man with extreme views. Killing babies for any reason is murder. Killing them in the third trimester of pregnancy? Brutal and Hitler-ish.

But for someone to murder him? As one of my sons said: "If they are pro-life why would they murder someone?" The ends do not justify the means. If someone claims to be pro-life, they should be pro ALL life. Right?

The early Church was a shining example of this. They were persecuted and afflicted in ways we cannot even begin to fathom. Yet they showed love to the very end of their lives. (This is one thing that has always bothered me about the movie, "The Robe." I love the movie, except the scene where the Christians basically start a riot to break one of their own free from prison. Killing Roman soldiers was NOT the way Christians dealt with their persecutors!)

So as the Church today, we should show love in every situation, too. Taking a man's life is not how we promote LIFE!

And yet, we still must take extreme measures at times to protect life.

Your thoughts?
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