Monday, October 01, 2007

A Monday Pondering

Let me explain the situation, then I'll tell you what's stuck in my "ponderer" today...

Hubby was sick a couple of weeks ago. After a couple of days of waiting it out, he asked me to call the doctor and make an appointment. Turns out our dr. isn't in the office past noon on Fridays. And he was going to be gone all week the next week. We called a local "quick clinic", and got him in there. He was examined, given a strep test, and handed a couple of prescriptions to have filled. Later, when we were discussing it, he told me how much they charged him at the clinic, and handed me the receipt. When I went to record it in our checkbook, I mentioned that the receipt was for $20 less than what he had said he was charged. He found the printout he was given, and the amount on there was the higher amount, too. I called today to straighten it out. Between our original phone call, the message she left on the machine, and another return call, the gal at the clinic thanked me no less than 7-9 times (I stopped counting!) for calling them to point out the error and make it right. I could tell she was surprised that someone would do this.

I've had similar experiences when I've handed a clerk back an extra dime when I was given too much change. Or when I've offered to pay for something I inadvertently knocked off a store shelf. They are amazed that someone would do such a thing.

Why is that??? I'm saddened as I realize how far downhill society has gone when store clerks are shocked at my honesty.

Any thoughts from blog land?
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