Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Journey Is a Roller Coaster

I miss posting on this blog, but often do not because I have TOO many good ideas!  I can't pick just one, so don't post anything.  I haven't heard any complaints, though.  Ha!

The past couple of weeks have been such an emotional roller coaster.

A very wonderful man from our church and community passed away, leaving behind a legacy of leadership, faith, and love for our town, parish, and city.  Tom was such a gift to all who knew him.  His battle with cancer was heroic, and we are all better for having known him.

A dear friend of mine had a sudden death in her family.  It has rocked their world.  No one ever expects to lose a younger sibling who is so energetic and seemingly healthy.  I didn't know Jody, but I know her older sister, and it breaks my heart to see her work through the loss.

Our community and my husband's work place have seen juveniles go missing.  Some by their own choice; some, due to the cruel decision of others.  As a parent, I groan within, not being able to grasp the anguish their families must be experiencing.

Ahh, but the joy...!

New babies coming into the world.  A new home, and a fresh start, for friends who have walked through indescribable pain--joy in the morning, after their long night of sorrow.  New friends.  Faithful men who will soon be ordained deacons and priests.  Sweet little friends who will soon receive their first communion.  Good friends who have become dearer.

And in the midst of it all, this song rings ever true:

"Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me."

Have a blessed Sunday!