Monday, December 02, 2013

The Golden Glow of Silence

I am an eye-watcher.  Everyone has a way of taking in first-time information about others.  Mine is to
look into their eyes.  Even when in a crowd, I often look around to see how people are responding to the moment.  Their actions may speak one thing; their eyes, another.  I can see so much in their eyes:  pain, hostility, happiness, sadness, disappointment, joy...  Actions may speak louder than words, but the eyes truly tell the story.

The hard part is, I tend to be silent.  While I'm studying the eyes, I don't say much.  My silence has been deemed as being judgmental at times.  So if you've noticed me looking at you without speaking, I'm mostly pondering.  I'm learning about you, by what I see in your eyes.

Sometimes we view God's silence as judgment.  We pray and pray about something, but hear nothing.  We "hear" that silence as God's way of saying, "What is wrong with you?!", when He is probably just looking into our hearts, to see what's really going on inside.

In this season of Advent, we remember the time of silence:  the journey toward Bethlehem in the days before the birth of Christ.  God wasn't judging the world.  He was preparing the world.  Silence before the glory of His Son's birth.  Quiet before the joyful songs of angels.  A time of stillness before the Light of the World entered this world's darkness.

May our hearts know times of peacefulness and calm as we prepare for Christmas.  Let us also remember to allow a holy stillness to fill us as we allow God to ready our hearts for His Son's second coming.  Allow God to truly see into your eyes and heart as you prepare Him room.

Let us bask in the golden glow of the silence.

"For You, O Lord, my soul in stillness waits; truly my hope is in You."

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