Sunday, December 22, 2013

O Christmas Tree

There is a tree with shining lights
Standing proudly in this room.
It gives me joy to see it there,
Dispelling dark and gloom.

The tree holds many memories,
Of Christmases gone by.
Ornaments from years now past
Bring pleasure to the eye.

There is another tree that stood
Long ago upon a hill.
That tree held Someone much more dear,
And wood without a frill.

For Jesus, child of Bethlehem
Was hanging on that tree.
His life and love poured out for us,
From sin to set us free.

So as you gaze upon your tree
Standing proudly in your room.
Let His tree give your heart joy,
And dispel your dark and gloom.

Copyright  2013  Joni Johnson - All Rights Reserved
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