Friday, September 20, 2013

Angry Birds Christianity (A little humor...)

A few months ago, I splurged a bit and bought myself a tablet (of the electronic variety).  I think Samsung's Galaxy is a great product!  It's very user-friendly, not as expensive as the Apple brand products, and...I have Angry Birds.

I used to scoff at those addicted to such things.  But there is something about a pig laughing at this girl that just doesn't go over well with me.  (I grew up on a farm.  A laughing pig would quickly become bacon!)  Seriously?  I have several versions of the game on my tablet now, and all those swine truly annoy me.  No wonder those birds are so angry.  Who wants a grunting pig making fun of their lousy ability to figure out the perfect angle?

Here are some things I have learned from those birds:

1.  Never give up the battle.  There is always another way to fight the temptations Satan throws at you.

2.  Let God use your abilities.  They are gifts to be used, not kept to yourself.

3.  Let your gifts help others.  Almost the same as #2, but seeing them as your gift to others can help you reach out more easily.

4.  Let others use their gifts to help you.  There is a reason we are called the Body of Christ.  We all have to work together to reach the world and wage the battle against the powers of darkness.

5.  Birds explode when they hit a brick wall.  :o)

God bless, and have a happy Friday!
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