Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Facing the Realities of Life

Our family was able to spend last week in my childhood home (a week in HOT Kansas!) with my parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephew, nephews-in-law, and great nieces and nephews.  Not all of us were there, but the largest percentage.  We had such a great time, in spite of the awful temperatures.

The hardest part of the week?  Seeing how frail my dad has become since his stroke.  I had tried to prepare myself ahead of time.  But how do you see your daddy struggling to keep his balance on a windy Kansas day, and not have a hard time keeping the tears in check?

Dad and my boys
Then, today, at church it was announced that a very dear couple is moving.  They are both in their 90's, have been married 71 years, and are just the sweetest people.  They will be living nearby, but will no longer be a part of our parish life.

Dan and Lois
I am a fortunate woman to have many, many dear older people in my life--both blood relatives and many "adopted" relatives.  People who have endured the tragedies and triumphs of life, and still held strong to their faith.  People who know that the ONLY way to endure those same situations is by clinging to their Lord.

May their testimony become mine...

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