Monday, December 14, 2009

A Lovely Christmas Thought...

My niece wrote this poem several years ago. Thanks for your permission to print it, Kim!

What is Christmas

What is Christmas?

Is it candy, ornaments, and toys?

Is it for just little girls and boys?

Is it shimmering lights and sleigh bells?

Is it helping little children whose parents are in cells?

Is it shopping, parties, or money?

Is it spending time with your honey?

Is it rosy cheeks, Saint Nick, and elves?

Or has it become just about ourselves?

Is it the slishing and sloshing of snow?

I say, “No.”

It’s about a little child that came for us.
Not on a ship or a bus,

But carried by an unmarried teenager.

He was born in a barn and placed in a manger.

He wasn’t born with great glory and riches.

He was with animals and covered with a blanket of only a few stitches.

Why was He born so humble?

Why was His birth all a jumble?

So that He could show

Us how to go

And be His disciples.

Will you believe in what is made up and unreal?

Or will you believe in the One who came to restore and heal?

by: Kimberly Stout (2002)

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