Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where In the World???

I haven't disappeared into the background, like that wily Waldo fella. I've actually had some wonderful ideas for blog posts. They just haven't appeared on my blog!

The truth is: I've become a Facebook junkie! I vowed it wouldn't happen. But it did. As so many of my friends and relatives have said: It's addictive! I have reconnected with people I haven't seen since my childhood. (Seriously! The man who pastored my home church when I was just a little tyke of 4 or 5 years of age is one of my friends!) I have found friends that I had given up on. So much time had passed without contact. One is living in Slovenia! (And if you know where that is, please inform!)

I originally thought: This is less time-consuming than maintaining a blog (or two). After all, I only have to put a one- or two-sentence "status update" on my profile page, and I'm done for the day. WRONG! I have to read all the funny little ditties everyone else has posted, plus the comments left by their friends. And then, there are all the great (and some not-so-great) pictures everyone downloads! (The pig roast picture of a whole pig roasting...nasty!) Who knew how many hours it could consume in one day???

I have to admit, though, that I do NOT like the drivel posts: "I just had my coffee." Fifteen minutes later: "Brushed my teeth." Five minutes later: "Fed the dog." You know what I mean?

Or the endless surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, etc. I do NOT need to know what I would look like as a cartoon. Real life is scary enough! I do NOT want to know what Harry Potter character I am most like (I don't even read the books!). I do NOT want to know how much I know about 70's TV/music/pop culture. I lived it once, and that was enough, thank you! You get the picture.

There are definitely drawbacks to it. Like the aforementioned drivel and endless nonsense. Also, there is the subject of being ignored by people who want me as their FB friends, but do NOT want to update me on their private lives. I'm never sure if I should be offended, or if I should be flattered that they care that much about my opinion??? Like my opinion is a big deal? Or, the people I wasn't planning to reconnect with. Or people I barely knew in the first place, but now consider me fair game to chat with, every time I'm online, because I am not one of their very dearest friends...

Still, overall, it has been a good experience. There is something so wonderful about seeing the words: "I am so happy to be back in touch with you after all these years!" Or, better yet, "I can tell from your profile picture that you haven't changed a bit!" (I'll take the flattery, thank you very much!)

The sad truth is, my summer hiatus is almost at an end. On Monday, my kids return to school, and I return to work. My summer fling with Facebook is about to come to an end. Real life is coming back in a rush.


If you happen to be online, and are a FB junkie, too...feel free to look me up! :o)
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