Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The After-Holiday Review

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. (Actually, for us, it is still the Christmas season, and will end this Sunday with the remembrance of the Baptism of the Lord.) We spent our Christmas day with my in-laws. In spite of the fact that several among us had the stomach flu, we survived and did have a good time!
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In response to Jaybird's question: Yes, I do have a Facebook page. I signed up when some old friends requested me as their "friends". So if you request me as a friend, be forewarned: I am definitely NOT a Facebook junkie! I check my messages and respond as I'm able. But there is only my profile pic (which is the same as the one on my blog), and I rarely post anything. I just don't have the time, between work and family and all. But, it has really been a great way to reconnect with people from the past.
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I have to admit something here. For all my good intentions, the peace I craved for my Advent season just never seemed to be there. I longed for it so desperately. But I felt like I was constantly running "here" or "there". I was shopping, preparing, doing whatever needed doing...I just felt like a tightly strung violin string at all times. For the most part, it was my own fault. I truly did not feel like I could relax. I felt like I needed to be in constant motion. Life just seemed to interfere with my good intentions.

But then I thought about that, and realized that Christ's birth came in the midst of that, too. "What?" you ask. Life. Life as usual. Oh, yes, the governor had called for a census, so there were more travellers than usual. The inns were full. Bethlehem was crowded. But the citizens of Bethlehem were still going about their lives. Working, playing, etc. Life. Christ comes into our lives, too, in the midst of the usual "stuff". He wants to be with us on the daily journey. That's what is so amazing about the name Emmanuel: God WITH us. When we're running to get the kids from school, picking up a "few" things from Wal-Mart, wrapping those last-minute gifts...He is WITH us. And the other amazing thing (and truly it is wonderful) is that it doesn't end with the Christmas season. He is a 24-hour-a-day-7-days-a-week-365-days-a-year God WITH us!

So as I close this little post, let that thought sink deep into your heart. God is WITH you, no matter what your day, week, or year may bring!

God bless!
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