Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Life Overcomes Blogging

I'm sure you can all relate. I have great intentions (not good, but great!) to blog on a regular basis. However, life gets busy, and blogging goes by the wayside.

Let's see. In the last week: I've had to babysit our neighbors' one-year old little girl (who is adorable!), because the mom had surgery on her leg and can't walk at all. A day after watching the cutie pie for several hours, I was sick, and dealing with a back that forgot how much work it is to carry around a small child. I had a day of laundry catch-up. Then we went to visit family over the weekend. On our return, I prepared to catch up the laundry again. Threw a load in the washer, got a quick shower, then ran down to our basement to take that load out and start another...only to discover our basement was full of smoke! We ended up calling the fire dept., and scaring both us and our neighbors quite a bit. Bottom line? The motor in our washing machine burned up. So we had to spend the bucks to get a new one. Ugh! Thankfully, we were able to get a new one installed the very next day. And, our sweet neighbor let me do some laundry at her house in the meantime.

I guess maybe now you can see why I haven't been blogging much lately???

I do want to share a couple of new pics of the great nephew, though. He sure loves his pbj sandwiches! If you want to see a pic of him with his corn-on-the-cob, check out my other blog.


All done!

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