Thursday, March 06, 2008

Two Days Until Afghan Delivery!

As some of you may remember from several months ago, Laura Spradlin, at Sugar Bunny Boulevard, started a project called, "Rebuilding Greensburg--Block by Block." The idea was for people to donate afghan squares, which Laura and a team of volunteers would assemble into afghans. These afghans will be delivered to the tornado victims in Greensburg, KS (my home town). I received the following e-mail from Laura:

Joni, this is gonna be quick but I wanted to be sure that you know we're doing an afghan delivery on Saturday March 8th at the First Baptist Church there in Greensburg. My contact person is Pastor Marvin George.

Please let your family know about this and let me know of any names of people that you know will NOT be able to attend the event on Saturday so that I can be sure they get afghans delivered that day!
Thank you so much for everything you've done to support and encourage me during this project. May you be blessed in every thing that you do. :)
Laura Spradlin


If you need more information, the link above will take you right to her website.

THANK YOU LAURA, and thanks to all the people across the nation and around the world who were a part of this great project!
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