Saturday, December 08, 2007

Advent--Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

"The first candle of the Advent wreath is called The Prophecy Candle. It urges us to listen. God has a lot to say to us. In fact, what God has to communicate is so important that finally God has to say it in person. 'The Word became flesh'--a human being, the One whose birth we anticipate in Advent and celebrate at Christmas."
~by Arden Mead, copyright 2007 Creative Communications,

In the Church calendar, we have begun the season of Advent. Each night at supper, we have our youngest child light the first purple candle in the Advent wreath. We have special scripture readings in church. We sing, "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel". But what does it all mean?

The word "advent" means "coming". During this season, we prepare our hearts in a special way as we anticipate the coming of Christmas: Christ's first coming as a babe in a manger, born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Just as the prophets foretold so long ago.

But we also remember that there will be another coming of Christ. We prepare our hearts for that day, and take these four weeks to draw ever closer to Him.

I have really been struggling with it lately. It seems that no matter how hard I try to set aside the time to focus on all that it means, other things come along to distract me and turn me away from the true meaning of Advent. My kids' school teachers seem to have this passion for adding "just one more" project before their Christmas break. Someone needs me to do "just one more" thing to help out with some special event. There needs to be "just one more" batch of cookies for this or that occasion. I have felt quite down and lost in the midst of all this. I am trying so hard to get the perspective back, but it is difficult!

May this season be one of our world, yes, but also in our hearts!
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