Saturday, December 08, 2007

Advent--Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

"If the Prophecy Candle urges us to listen, the message of the Bethlehem Candle is: 'Prepare! Open your eyes; be aware of what's really going on.' What's really going on? The Lord is coming, that's what! Just as surely as Jesus once came to bustling Bethlehem (which was not fully prepared), so surely He is coming again!"
~Arden Mead, Copyright 2007, Creative Communications

The focus of Advent, week 2, is the prophecy of John the Baptist in the wilderness. John knew the time for the Messiah was at hand. He was in their midst. John's message was: "Prepare! Get your hearts ready, for the One you have been looking for is about to make Himself known."

Preparation means drawing closer to God. We cannot do that without taking time to allow the Holy Spirit to examine us. And as He reveals our true "selves" to us, we are drawn to repentance. A heart full of self and sin does not have room for Christ. It is true, too, that a life full of busyness and activity is also a life that is too full of self and the world.

May this season find us emptied of anything that would hinder us from being full of Him!

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