Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Way It Always Is...

It's pretty easy to create a new tradition at our house. Well, when it comes to simple, every day matters.

For instance, one time when I made stew, in addition to the crackers, I thought it would be nice if we each had a slice of cheese (mild cheddar or Monterrey jack!) and a few slices of apple. Ever since then, that is the way our soup must be served each and every time! I recently served chicken noodle soup (good for what ails you), and I put peaches on the side instead of apples. All my guys noticed it and mentioned that we were "making a change" this time. Isn't it funny how we are creatures of habit?

What's sad is that we do this to God, too. Don't get me wrong. I know that He is the unchanging God of the universe. He will never stop being all-loving, all-merciful, all-powerful, all-knowing, etc. And He has set ways that He wants us to do things, too.

But I think we get the idea that God has to answer every prayer the same every time. Or work in our lives the same way every day. Look at creation, though. In the beauty of it all, there is a pattern, and yet a uniqueness to each thing He created. (Take snowflakes, for instance!) Or even better, walk through a busy mall or store, and do some people watching. God was definitely showing off His creative genius when He made each of us!

So why do we expect Him to work in our lives the same way each and every time? Wouldn't that get a little boring? I think we like to hope it's that way, because it gives us a sense of "knowing" and stability.

"Well, I prayed for this same thing a few weeks ago, and this is how He answered. So that's what He is going to do this time."

"I prayed for Him to provide money once, and I got this check in the mail. I'm in a tight spot again, and watching the mailbox daily for the next check!"

I think God answers in different ways for a few reasons. Not the least of which is to keep us on our toes (kind of like a surprise ending each time). Or maybe just to show us a new way He cares for us. Or to allow a different person to be blessed by the way He uses them to minister to us.

I like a schedule. I like things to be on an even keel, and unchanged. But isn't it fun to see how God will provide (or answer, or bless us) each and every time? In other words: let God be God!

Maybe I'll take a slice of orange with my soup next time!
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