Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Cycle of Life...

First, another update on Maddie Kutrubs, daughter of our blogging buddy Kimber. I'm putting Kimber's e-mail here again, as it's easier than me trying to explain it all!
Maddie and I finally came home today, Saturday, July 7th. YEA!!

Maddie came home with her "pic" line and a home care nurse will be giving her antibiotics three times a day for the next few weeks. We are also blessed to have three great neighbors whom are in the medical profession and have offered to help with Maddie's pic line - and we are so thankful!!!

In addition to Maddie's home care, we will also have to visit the Clinic once a week, and her surgery to remove her appendix will be early September. Please pray that her body continues to heal - and that the infection completely drains without any further complications.

She is starting to have a small appetite - but now she has Thrush due to the antibiotics - but she is taking medicine to clear that up and we are hoping she will eat a little more each day.

Also, please keep some friends of ours in prayer. The mom of the family, Cindy, unexpectedly passed away this weekend. She leaves behind her husband, Roy, three daughters, their husbands, and 6 or 7 grandchildren. She was a gem, and a woman who truly loved God.

God bless...
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