Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Prayer for Greensburg

This song has been going through my head for days now--even before the tornado. It has became more real to me, though, since May 4th.
Shepherd of My Heart

Maker of this heart of mine, You know me very well.
You understand my deepest part, more than I know myself.
So when I face the darkness, when I need to find my way,
I'll trust in You, Shepherd of my heart.

Keeper of this heart of mine, Your patience has no end.
You've loved me back into Your arms time and time again.
So if I start to wander like a lamb that's gone astray,
I'll trust in You, Shepherd of my heart.

Refrain: You're the beacon of my nights;
You're the sunlight of my days.
I can rest within Your arms; I can know Your loving ways.
So let the cold winds blow, and let the storms rage all around,
I'll trust in You, Shepherd of my heart.

Giver of this life in me, You're what I'm living for.
For all my deepest gratitude You love me even more.
So as I walk through valleys, listening for the Master's call,
I'll trust in You, Shepherd of my heart.

By Mark Baldwin and Dick Tunney. Copyright 1985 LCS Songs, a div. of Lorenz Creative Service/Pamela Kay Music/Charlie Monk Music, Nashville, TN. ICS ARR UBP

Dear Lord,
Please keep the people of Greensburg in Your care. Keep the workers safe as they continue to clean up the debris and rubble left behind. Fill them all with Your peace, and fill them with encouragement and strength. Watch over them, even as a shepherd tenderly cares for his flock. Shower Your love and grace upon them all. Remind them that Your mercy never ends. Surround them with Your presence. Provide fo every need. Amen.

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