Monday, May 07, 2007

How You Can Help

I will not be posting any more disaster pictures here, at least for awhile. I have seen enough on the TV, Internet, and in the newspaper. I have cried so many tears. I want to remember Greensburg as it was...and pray for what it can be again.

Greensburg was the hub of the community. I went to church there. We bought groceries there. I took piano lessons from two wonderful ladies who lived there. We went to track meets and ball games. We had music festivals and 4-H events. It is a place of community-minded people who look out for each other. That was very evident the night of the storm, and even more so now in the aftermath.

I have been asked for information on how people can help. There are already scam artists out there. (They have arrested some looters on site. Can you believe the nerve of people???)

I have listed here three reputable organizations, and their donation information.

Thanks again to all for your concern. Keep praying....

American Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter
P.O. Box 3726
Wichita, Kansas 67201
(indicate that you want to give assistance for the Greensburg tornado victims)

If you go to this website and click "donate now", there will be a form to fill in for your donation. Under "donation details", donors can specify the amount they wish to give. There is also a box to fill in called "specific use". Just type in "Greensburg tornado", and they will make sure that is where your funds go.

Kansas Disaster Relief Fund
Box 1663
Dodge City, Kansas 67801
They also request that you put "Greensburg, KS, disaster relief" in your memo line

At this point, the Salvation Army and Red Cross are the organizations housing the residents of Greensburg, as well as providing meals. The Disaster Relief Fund will help more with the cleanup. There will eventually be need of those who can help rebuild. At this time, I do not have that information.

Pictured below: Hunter Drug Store...the old-fashioned soda fountain with the best soda you could ever have boys' favorite place to visit in Greensburg. This building is no longer there.

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