Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Value of Life

I think the shootings in Virginia have made many in our country (and probably other countries) take a long, hard look at how precious life is. And how quickly it can end. None of those young people expected Monday to be their last day. It makes me ponder ways I can make my life count every day and every moment--a life of no regrets.

After I finished my post yesterday, I blog hopped a little. I found the blog of a new mom in England, who is struggling to know how to raise her new little son in the right ways (schedule or no schedule, snack or no snack, etc.). It was refreshing to read about a new little life. One full of all the possibilities of the years ahead.

Then today, the front page of our paper had two great stories. One dealt with a man being freed from jail, after serving 16 years for a crime he did not participate in. The other story was of the U. S. Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on partial-birth abortion. Both spoke to me of life. The man who is now free is getting a new lease on life. Yes, 16 years of his life have been taken from him. But at least he has the chance to live out the rest of his days in freedom.

Of course, the Court decision speaks of life for many in a generation yet unborn. They too will have the chance to live out their days! The abortion battle is far from over, but this is a good start.

In the midst of our grief, there are signs of the value of life. It gives us hope.

What a beautiful picture of Easter!

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