Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Please Pray

I received the following prayer request from a friend of ours. Please keep Winkie in your prayers.

Winkie Pratney, well-known minister, author and conference speaker is in critical condition in a hospital in South Korea and needs our prayers. Septic shock is currently threatening his life.
Winkie went to a conference in South Korea last week and was admitted to a hospital after a fall. Upon hospitalization he underwent two serious surgeries that have led to a series of complications.

The following details are from a prayer update by Steve Loopstra, Executive Director of Prayer Transformation Ministries: "His first surgery was on the 26th and was a herniotomy. The next day it was clear there was more at play than a hernia, so on the 27th Winkie underwent major surgery on his whole abdominal cavity. They found several adhesions of his bowel which were causing intestinal obstruction. The condition of his transverse colon was very severe, so they performed a segmental resection where portions of his colon were removed entirely. In addition to this, he suffered micro-ruptures at certain points that have been repaired."

"Winkie began to improve and talked with his wife, who has now flown in from Australia. But in the past day, his condition has worsened and he is now in septic shock, with his vital organs failing."

Loopstra commented: "Winkie is a hero of faith, having ministered to the lives of countless thousands of people, especially young adults. He is a brilliant teacher and a gift to the nations."

Winkie Pratney has authored more than twelve books and was the keynote speaker at Strategic World Impact's 2006 DART conference. We ask you to join us in prayer for Winkie, his wife Fae, and their son William during this critical time.

To continue following Winkie's condition, please visit his website, www.winkiepratney.com and look under the blog section.

On behalf of Winkie and his family, we thank you for bringing this need before the throne of God.
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