Saturday, March 10, 2007

To Brighten Your Day

The following poem is borrowed from an e-newsletter I receive (Above Rubies). The poem was written by the editor's granddaughter. I asked her permission to post it here. Enjoy!
What's this without that?

What is a beach without a sea?
What is a dog without his fleas?

What is a home without a family?
What is man if he isn't manly?

What is a pond without fish?
What is a star if you can't wish?

What are woods without any trees?
What are branches without any leaves?

What is a bird without his song?
What is right if there's no wrong?

What is a desert without the heat?
What is a clean room that isn't neat?

What is a song without a tune?
What is July if there's no June?

What is a story without an end?
What is a person without a friend?

By Meadow Barrett

Thank you for sharing this with us, Meadow!!!
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