Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Halfway through the journey....

Just some random thoughts today.

Lent is just over halfway done. Only 19 more days until Easter. Forty days seems like a long time at the beginning. Now it seems like the time is just flying by. (Okay, that's very cliche'...but it really does seem that way!)

Things I'm (trying) to learn throughout this season:

* patience (not doing too well on that one; daily battle)

* forgiveness (doing better, but still in need of improvement)

* love (not just for those who love me back...still working on that, too)

--This is beginning to look like a list of the fruit of the Spirit...WOW! Imagine that!

Truly, those are the things God is trying to work in me and work out in my life: the practical expressions of His Spirit, being lived out by me daily, as He enables.

Spring is here on the calendar. I look forward to it blossoming more and more in my soul, too!


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