Monday, February 26, 2007

Those Dreaded Words

As I was growing up, there were some chores I didn't mind too much. (The list is short...) There were some that I didn't like, but I could live with. (The list is a bit longer...) And there were some that I just detested. Thankfully, those chores didn't have to be done as often.

One of those chores was always preceded by a discovery. While looking for that one last jar of salsa that was way, way back in the back of the refrigerator, someone would discover a nondescript container. Upon opening said container, the discovery would be made. Whatever had been placed in that container, at whatever time, had been joined by a few close friends (okay, it was gross and moldy). The original contents were often unrecognizable.

Then came those dreaded words from my mom: "Time to clean the fridge!"

The door would be propped open, and every container, jar, and bottle had to be examined. Dates were read. Lids were carefully opened. Much nose wrinkling. Much use of the garbage disposal. Some very happy farm cats. Then all of the shelves must be carefully cleaned as well, before any items could be returned to their homes. I don't have to tell you, it was a nasty, nasty job.

As I was cleaning up a mess in my own refrigerator recently (spilled juice from green beans--again, quite nasty!), the Lord spoke a spiritual truth to me. This was a lot like Lent.

The dreaded words: Lent has arrived. Time to allow God to poke into all those dark corners, lift the lids on some hidden containers, and begin pulling out all the stuff that just does NOT need to be hiding in there. Lots of scrubbing needed in this soul!

But when Good Friday arrives, and I once again reflect on the cleansing Agent (the blood of Christ shed on the cross), and the light of Easter can shine into my renewed sure was worth all the pain and nose wrinkling.

So, let the cleaning begin, Lord. It's no fun sometimes, but the end result is completely worth it. Maybe I don't dread those words so much after all.
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