Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Really Matters

We had a bit of a scare this weekend. It was one of those "could have been really bad but turned out okay" deals. And it made me take some time to stop and think about what is most important in my life.

Sunday morning, my hubby wasn't feeling well, and complaining of chest pains. A call to the dr. confirmed what we felt we should do: head to the ER...ASAP!

Well, after over 24 hours of multiple tests (yes, he feels like a pin cushion now!), they were not able to determine exactly what caused the chest pains. However, they were able to say that his heart is in great condition, and he was NOT having a heart attack. WHEW!

Since we have two young kids, hanging out at the hospital for 24 hours was not an option. During our time here at home, waiting for the phone call to say my husband would be released, I spent some time thinking about what really matters.

The car needs repairs? So what. It's just a big hunk of metal and fiberglass. Sure, it's an important item in our lives. But cars come and go.

The kids are misbehaving? Yes, they need correction. But they're kids. They're growing up too quickly. Correct them, then get back to life.

The computer is being glitchy? Well, it's getting on in years, too. Yes, it's important in our lives. But it can be replaced.

It's snowing to beat the band, it's frigid outside, and the roads are nasty? Well, time to grab a shovel, bundle up and play, drink some hot cocoa, grab a good book, and pray for my husband's safe travel to and from work. Spring will always come.

That man who loves me so much, and those kiddos of ours, who give me so much joy? They're what really matters. If I lost everything else I own, and still had them, I would still be one of the richest women in the world. Our faith, that we cling to when the car needs repairs, the kids are acting up, the computer is glitching, and my husband is in the hospital? That is our most sacred treasure.

In the big picture, those are the things that really matter.
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