Friday, September 22, 2006

Words to the Wise

I'm a home school mom. Or should I say, a mom that home schools? Overall, it's a great experience. Especially when I see that little "light" come on, and they "get" something. When they grasp some new concept. Those are the wonderful moments.

But then...there are the not-so-wonderful moments. When I have to leave the room for a brief period of time. With instructions to the boys: "Go ahead and work on your spelling (or handwriting, or math, or whatever!). I'll be right back. Don't bother each other. Just do your work." To which I get the angelic response, "Yes, ma'am." Ahh. Life is sweet.


When I come back, just a short time later, life is anything but angelic! Sometimes it involves flying pencils, erasers, crayons, children...take your pick! Other times, it is simply that there was too much silence in the room when I left. They just have to tell each other something really, really important--right now!

Usually, the first words that come out of my mouth are, "STOP TALKING!!!" Sometimes it works; sometimes, the words need more reinforcement.

When God looks at me, going along in life, keeping busy with all my "whatever": making phone calls, paying bills, schooling my kids, cleaning my house, cooking meals, checking my e-mail, posting on my blog, walking the dog (Oops! No dog here!)...what does He say? When I go to Him in a rushed time of prayer, trying to hurry and get all of it in, what does He say?

I think I can sometimes hear the Spirit whisper, "Stop talking!" (or looking at the computer, or yelling at your kids (do I do that?!), or whatever it is that's keeping you from Me). I'm glad He whispers those words. Maybe my kids would listen better if I whispered to them more often?

Sometimes, we need to just stop. Tell the Martha part of us to just chill out. It's time for Mary to kick in, take a seat, and just listen. Time to shut out the distractions and just sit at His feet. Do some learning of my own.

And when I do, I can also hear Him whisper, "Peace, be still." Words of wisdom for the journey, from the Master of the journey.

May His grace and peace be yours today...
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